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All things pertaining to the Eastsound Group and AA on Orcas Island

Announcements for the Good of AA  (October 2021)

Please mute your Zoom microphone when you are not speaking. No smoking is allowed in or around the Church.

Open your Chat function to read important information about the Eastsound Group, including a link to our phone list.

The Monday Mindfulness Meeting at 5:30PM and Friday As Bill Sees It Meeting / monthly Birthday Meeting at 5:30 PM are now hybrid meetings. You are welcome to attend these meetings via Zoom or in-person at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (enter under the bell tower). All meetings at Benson Hall require participants to wear masks and observe social distancing.

Our sister program Alanon will be meeting weekly on Thursday nights at 5:30 PM as a Zoom-only meeting. Anyone, including AA members, with a relative or friend who has a problem with alcohol are welcome to attend.

The Wednesday Literature Meeting at 5:30 PM is beginning a new book: Language of the Heart: All of AA co-founder Bill W.’s Grapevine, including a vivid description of how he came to organize the Steps. Contact Selby L if you’d like a copy of the book.

Call or text Larry H. at (360) 461-9811 if you need any other AA literature.

Celebrate sobriety milestones at our Birthday Meeting on the last Friday of the month, October 29, at 5:30 PM.

Our next Business Meeting is this Sunday, October 17, at 6:45 PM. All Secretaries and Trusted Servants should plan to attend. “Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.” (Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 89).

To help keep our group self-supporting, for those not contributing at in-person meetings, it is suggested to mail a monthly check to: Eastsound AA, PO Box 1677, Eastsound, WA 98245.