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All things pertaining to the Eastsound Group and AA on Orcas Island

July 18 – August 20 

Open your Chat function to read important information about the Eastsound Group, including a link to our updated 7/2022 phone list. Zoom hosts can access the link by clicking HERE.

The Saturday 8 AM “3-7-11″ meeting on July 30 will be Zoom only.

David J. will be our featured speaker on August 6 and Lisa S. on September 3 at the Saturday 5:30 PM Speaker Meeting.

The Wednesday Night Literature Discussion Meeting’s new book is William James’, The Varieties of Religious Experience.

Our neighbors, the Anacortes Group, are hosting a Unity Picnic at Washington Park (near the ferry terminal) on Sunday, September 4, starting at 10 AM. Families are encouraged to attend. RSVP to trinoelle@yahoo.com .

There will be a men’s Fellowship Weekend on Sucia Island September 9, 10 and 11. Contact Larry H. at (360)461-9811 for details.

Honor those reaching a sobriety milestone at our Birthday Meeting on the last Friday of the month, July 29, at 5:30 PM.

Trusted Servants are needed to fill the Zoom Coordinator and Literature / Coins positions. Come to the next Business Meeting if you are interested. There is a one-year’s sobriety requirement for these positions. Also, Meeting Secretaries and Zoom Hosts are needed for the Saturday and Sunday 5:30 PM meetings—volunteer at the meeting. Six months’ sobriety is required.

All members are welcome to attend our next Business Meeting on Sunday, August 21, at 6:45 PM. Meeting secretaries are no longer required to attend.

To help keep our group self-supporting, for those not contributing in-person at meetings, it is suggested to mail a monthly check to: Eastsound AA, PO Box 1677, Eastsound, WA  98245.