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We’re creating a resource page that includes pertinent information from Area 72 and District 46. Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at resources that can help us in our recoveries.

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The Meeting Guide is a free mobile app for iOS and Android, designed to help you find A.A. meetings wherever you are. Western Washington Area 72 is not affiliated with the Meeting Guide project, but we do cooperate together so that the A.A. meetings in Western Washington are supported by the Meeting Guide mobile app. Click the link below to download the app and find a meeting near you from your phone.

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January Eastsound Business Meeting Notes FINAL

Eastsound Group Business Meeting, Jan. 17, 2021, 6:45 PM
Present: Sophie, Phillip, Janine, David J, Jim, Luann, Megan, Caryl, Jessica, Jennifer, Joan,
Matthew, Bryan, JC
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
Call for New Business: None
GSR Report: District meeting was mostly an introductory session for the new servants.
Treasurer’s Report: Income since the last Business Meeting is $700.00, expenses are $244.74,
and ending balance above Prudent Reserve is $1,669.13. It was moved and approved to send
$300 to GSO.
Archives: NP
Church Liaison: NP
CPC: Received pamphlets, and is meeting with Island Hospital District.
Literature and Coins: Coins in good shape.
Phone Lists and Meeting Schedules: Updated
Public Information:
Telephone: NP
Web: Being updated, stable
Zoom coordinator: Zoom hosts held a successful meeting. Coordinator is updating secretaries’
Secretaries’ Reports:,
• Saturday 3-7-11: going good
• Saturday Evening: going well, will continue at 90 minutes
• Sunday: very well attended, great speakers
• Monday Mindfulness: 7-13, eclectic topics
• Tuesday Women’s: 5-8, going well
• Tuesday Men’s: small, mighty and manly
• Wednesday Sober Start: doing okay, 5-9
• Wednesday Literature: still reading
• Friday As Bill Sees It: good and steady
• Speaker meeting: going well, strong speaker coming
Old Business:
Minutes: should the minutes be distributed before the meeting? It was suggested to post the
draft minutes on the website, and then have the minutes reviewed at the next business
meeting. This was moved and approved.
Needed servants: PI and Saturday sober secretary need to be filled. Positions were filled.
Service position descriptions: CPC, Treasurer and Zoom Coordinator need descriptions, then
the descriptions will be distributed for comment.