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September District 46 Business Meeting
Your GSR Report 

Read: Traditions Long form,  and then …

Concept 9: Good service leaders, together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them, are at all levels indispensable for our future functioning and safety. The primary world service leadership once exercised by the founders of A.A. must necessarily be assumed by the Trustees of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A discussion followed. Here is what stood out for me: 

“Another qualification for leadership is ‘give and take,’ the ability to compromise cheerfully whenever a proper compromise can cause a situation to progress in what appears to be the right direction . . . . We cannot, however, compromise always. Now and then, it is truly necessary to stick flat-footed to one’s convictions about an issue until it is settled.” Our DCM noted this concept explicitly highlights the importance of the GSR in the service structure.

Sobriety Milestones: our corrections chair celebrated 17 years,  our treasurer: 21 years

GSR Statement in Service Manual: The GSR is the link between the group and “A.A. as a whole.” This link becomes a channel through which news, information, opinions and ideas can flow back and forth. Importantly, this also gives the group a voice in the affairs of the Fellowship. The GSR is that voice.

Western Washington Area 72 Assembly: October 7-9, Renton

Every year, the Area holds a weekend conference to conduct the business of AA, including voting on service position candidates and motions. Additionally, there are speakers and workshops on a wide variety of topics. This year includes general elections and at least three motions coming from the quarterlies. Click HERE for the motions and background information.

As a hybrid event, you can attend in person (it’s being held in Renton) or online via zoom. Click HERE to register for either or both.

Eastsound AA: reported on the progress of the ad hoc group developing a group inventory. Mentioned the discrepancy between some groups in their desire to have hybrid meetings but not having anyone to fulfill onsite service positions like the secretary and the owl host. Announced the end of this rotation signals an opening in the Eastsound Group for a new GSR.

Treasury Report: The two outstanding checks, each for $2000 (for Area & GSO) were deposited, bringing the balance down to approximately $581.78 over the prudent reserve. Treasury balanced. The Eastsound Group has contributed $203.00 to District 46 so far this year.

Public Information: Going to have a booth at the Oyster Run on September 26th. The booth will be open from approximately 8am – 6pm. Drop by and say hi! At long last, the google search results for Anacortes, which listed a private residence, has been changed to District 46.

Updated Meeting Schedules can be found on District 46 website. Click HERE.

Area meeting schedule app continues to show problems with updates. Matters are slowly improving, but our meeting schedules have yet to be updated.

Recycled paper for schedules? Yes! It costs a bit more, but we’re all in this together …

Elections: We elected a new DCM: Dina from Lopez Island, Alt DCM: Dave from Orcas, Treasurer: Will from Orcas and Alt Treasurer: Chuck A from Anacortes.

October Business Meeting to be determined. Based on internet speed requirements for holding hybrid meetings,  we need to determine which sites can meet these requirements and be open the third Saturday of the month. Stay tuned. When it’s been sorted out you can click HERE for the exact info.

Printed District 46 Meetings are available in a schedules only format HERE, in the traditional brochure form HERE and in actual printed copies located in the cabinet in Benson Hall.

 Newsletter Version of GSR Report, click HERE.

Thanks for the opportunity to be of service!

7-17: Notes from the District 46 July Business Meeting. Here is a brief summary which comes from our very own DCM (district committee member), Michele M. Speaking of which, here is her report for the month. 

6-20: Here’s a LINK to the 71st GSO Conference Quick Reference. This year’s meeting was amazingly productive, and bears the fruit of much work that occurred from last years conference and through the year of Covid-19.

6-20: Ever wonder what takes place in District 46’s “mysterious” monthly business meetings? Short of attending one, wonder no longer. Here is a brief summary of June’s meeting which comes from our very own DCM (district committee member), Michele M. 

6-20: How accessible are our meetings? Click HERE for a guide to help reduce the physically-based access barriers that a person may encounter when attending meetings in your location.

Meeting Guide

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