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October District 46 Business Meeting
Your GSR Report 

Read: Traditions Long form,  and then …

Concept 10: Every service responsibility should be matched by an equal service authority — the scope of such authority to be always well defined whether by tradition, by resolution, by specific job description or by appropriate charters and bylaws.

Brought up in the discussion: Motion 2 at the Area Assembly revolved around giving an appointed position “Archives,” full rights of participation, including voting at the Assembly. There were arguments against, primarily based on the fact this position is uniquely appointed by a steering committee and not directly voted in by the body. The majority, however, looked at the position and the work being done and felt that they should have “equal service authority,” which includes voting at the assembly. 

Sobriety Milestones: our Lopez GSR celebrated 35 years. 

GSR Statement in Service Manual: The GSR is the link between the group and “A.A. as a whole.” This link becomes a channel through which news, information, opinions and ideas can flow back and forth. Importantly, this also gives the group a voice in the affairs of the Fellowship. The GSR is that voice.

Western Washington Area 72 Assembly 2022 Summary! 

Every year, the Area holds a weekend conference to conduct the business of AA, including voting on service position candidates and motions. Additionally, there are speakers and workshops on a wide variety of topics. This year included general elections and three motions coming from the quarterlies as well as a floor discussion topic. Click HERE for the motions and background information. Here are the results: 
Top Line Results:

  • Delegate: Crystal -elected in 2nd round
  • Alt Delegate: Courtney -elected in 3rd round 
  • Chair: Lupita -elected in 3rd round 
  • Alt Chair: Eddie -elected after 5 rounds, then the “hat” 
  • Treasurer: Derek -elected in 2nd round
  • Alt Treasurer: Lisa -elected in 1st round

1. Move to create a new Spanish Linguistic District: Passed.
2. Move the Area Archivist is an Appointed Trusted Servant and shall have full Right of Participation. Passed. 
3. Move to create a technology steering committee. Passed

Floor Discussion Topic 
Should Area 72 welcome online groups from other Areas to become members of District 25 in Area 72?
This is a topic which will make its way through the quarterly meetings and be approved of, most likely, at the next Area 72 assembly. While there are some concerns, the majority of comments supported the right of online, virtual groups to chose their districts, given there is no such thing as a “geographical area.” 

Eastsound AA: reported on the progress of the ad hoc group developing a group inventory. We’re now looking at the actual date (which will depend on our facilitators). Mentioned talking to folks in the Eastsound Group about being the new GSR.

Treasury Report: The books are balanced at $1110.25 over prudent reserve. Holding off, I believe, on disbursement as Archives are renewing their yearly lease for $1650. The Eastsound Group has contributed twice this year to District 46 for a total of $203.00. 

Public Information: The Oyster Run was a success, with lots of people helping out as well as people checking in. The struggle with Google to accurately reflect District 46 as an entity continues, though it is now pointing correctly to the district website. 

Updated Meeting Schedules can be found on District 46 website. Click HERE.

Area meeting schedule app continues to improve. I was able to update all of our Orcas Meetings. 

Recycled paper for schedules? Yes! It costs a bit more, but we’re all in this together …

Elections: District 46 will be sending out a newsletter, listing and describing all the appointed service positions that will be filled in January of 2023. Included will be a link to a download flyer and GSRs are requested to make copies and provide them to meeting secretaries to announce/hand out in meetings. 

November Business Meeting will be held Nov. 19th, beginning at 9:30 am at the Dakota Creek Shipyard, 301 Q St. Anacortes. Click HERE for the exact info.

Printed District 46 Meetings are available in a schedules only format HERE, in the traditional brochure form HERE and in actual printed copies located in the cabinet in Benson Hall.

Newsletter Version of GSR Report, click HERE.

Thanks for the opportunity to be of service!

Meeting Guide

Please Note: Eastsound listings in the meeting app are now updated. There are some meetings in District 46 that are not listed or need updating. Please use the listings on our Eastsound Meeting Page or click here for a pdf of meetings in District 46. 

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